• "At this charming second- floor restaurant, Joe Ng's juicy rib steak with a green 'fence' of baby bok choy was delicious."
    From editor-in-chief: Dana Cowin

  • "RedFarm is indeed groundbreaking: an interpretive Chinese kitchen whose high-end ingredients and whimsical plating have helped pack the dining room since opening night."
    "Chef Joe Ng is well-known for his dim sum artistry, turning out beautiful, delicate dumplings in playful and wacky shapes."
    Jay Cheses

  • "Red Charm" Playfully tapping elements from all over the map -- including exotic Essex Street -- it vibrantly energizes old favorites for locals easily bored... cuisine for a “green-market sensibility.”
    By Steve Cuozzo, one of the top dim sum chefs in the world, Joe Ng

  • Well Red (High-end Chinese in the West Village)
    "...consider a trip to RedFarm, whose inventive menu merges Chinese and Western flavor in an elegant, playful and incredibly tasty way”

  • "Curiosity got me in, food will bring me back. There are many dim sum pretenders in New York. This is not one of them. Great dim sum plus some imagination that works. Other dishes are great and the Katzs pastrami egg roll is what wow is all about. Noisy, tight, but well worth it."
    Reader Review

  • "This is the food of New York Chinese-American institutions like Shun Lee Palace...elevated, rethought, and cooked with... a relentless attention to good technique and flavor development."
    J. Kenji Lopez-Alt.

  • "Loved RedFarm! 4 of us arrived around 6:30 on a Monday night. No wait for a table but 15 mins later it was packed. We shared the Pacman dumplings and veg salad. Both were fantastic, [especially] the salad dressing. Then had the black cod, lamb, and seafood with rice noodles. The cod was out of this world!! Our waitress was terrific with recommendations. 2 apps, 4 mains, 2 sides of rice and 8 glasses of vino came to $290 including tax & tip. Great place!"
    Reader Review

  • Top Ten Best Dishes and Drinks in NYC
    Rib Eye at RedFarm – "There are those who might shake their fists at the notion of applying anything other than salt, pepper and fire to a nicely marbled Pat LaFrieda Creekstone Farms rib eye. Those people need to book it to RedFarm. The luscious beef here is a triumph of balance and simplicity: an overnight bath in soy and papaya tenderizes the meat, and an expert sear teases out its umami richness. It’s served simply, ringed with blossoms of stir-fried bok choy."
    Jay Cheses